About Brass Alliance
I formed Brass Alliance in November of 2011.  This company was formed with a passion to provide the local and regional areas around Dallas and Ft. Worth with trumpet repair and maintenance services that are superior in quality, and are delivered with the very best customer service.  My company holds its customers in the highest regard and always performs work that is on time and on budget.

I would like to personally thank every person that has visited this website and I look forward to making your trumpet the very best that it can be.  I absolutely love this instrument and thoroughly enjoy working with people that share the same passion for music! 
About Me

I have been enamored with the trumpet since the age of 9. Growing up in Kenosha, Wisconsin in a family that was highly involved in both drum corps and band will do that to you.  When I think about it, I really had no choice since my father played the cornet and that instrument was readily available and free!   My mother was the driving force in my playing almost from day one, as she had me take private lessons for 2 years prior to any ensemble experience.  She would literally send me to my room every night and not let me leave until I had put in enough time to satisfy her expectations.  The forced motivation suddenly stopped when I was 12 after I witnessed Wynton Marsalis on the American Music Awards playing The Carnival of Venice live and from memory.  I had never seen or heard anyone play like that. I didn't even think that it was possible!  I was not a childhood prodigy by any means, but that was the motivation moment that sticks with me today.  

David Anderson


While other kids on the block wanted to spend thier summers hanging out at the pool, I wanted to be on tour experiencing life on the road!  Drum Corps was the perfect opportunity for that, so when I turned 15 my parents deamed me "of age" to march, and that's exactly what I lived and breathed for the next 6 years of my life.  I was a member of the Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps .  As fun as it was to spend those summers on the road, I would be lying if I didn't say that the experience gave me a tremendous amount of exposure to brass fundamentals and well defined work ethic.  Competition was in my blood, not just competing against other groups, but competing within my section as well.  As that activity was coming to a close for me, I found myself graduating with a degree in Trumpet Performance from Millikin University where I studied with Randall Reyman .  I learned a great deal from him and I believe that he really understood me. He brought my playing to the level that was needed if I wanted to continue on to graduate school.  Randy went to graduate school at North Texas State University and he recommended that I audition.  He did this with some trepidation as he had sent students down there in the past and they had gotten lost in the shuffle of over 120 trumpet players enrolled anually at that school.

University of North Texas was an absolute perfect fit for me.  The competition between trumpet players at that school was so incredibly strong during my many years there. The cream rising to the top of both the classical and commercial studios often found themselves winning auditions in professional orchestras or playing with the likes of Maynard Ferguson.  I had a desire to become the most well-rounded player that I could be, but the first time I listened to the One O'Clock Lab Band in person and was truly motivated.  The Lab Band experience for me started in the Nine O'Clock Lab Band.  The countless hours spent in a practice room or in late night shedding sessions with players that were better than me really helped my sightreading deficency, and it also motivated me to research great lead trumpet players throughout history.  Lead trumpet players are not limited to just jazz or commercial idioms in my opinion.  While I did study players like Snooky Young, Conrad Gazo, and Eroll Gardner, I devoted an equal amount of time and effort trying to sound like Adolph Herseth, Michael Sachs and Phil Smith.  I spent over 7 years at UNT and earned a Masters Degree in Orchestral Performance and made progress towards a DMA degree, but it was playing Lead Trumpet in One O'Clock Lab Band that will always mean more to me than any degree.
There are a lot of very talented musicians that leave UNT seeking success in the form of a career playing music for a living.  The dreams and desires are very similar for many, playing in the studios in Los Angeles, playing shows on Broadway, or winning a job in a professional orchestra.  While that is a fantastic measure of success, there are many sacrifices that have to be made in order for that to turn into a reality.  In my mind, the largest sacrifice is not living in the great state of Texas!  I have always cherished living in Texas, raising a family in Texas, catching huge largemouth bass at Lake Fork in Texas, and most of all being a working professional musician in Texas.  I have been a member of several entertainment bands since 2002 and can tell you that it is always a very satisfying experience performing mainstream music and entertaining people from all walks of life.