Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet, Custom 43, #332913

Back Story

         As I have stated many times in the past, I have always wanted to get creative while not losing the integrity of                      the instrument that I am attempting to turn out.  This particular project model was comprised of Bach main sections with the addition of a Blackburn LT leadpipe and new custom slide rings.  The main parts include a lightweight Bach Stradivarius valve casing and tubing from 1983, a Blackburn 19-348LT leadpipe, and a standard weight Bach 43 bell section from 1990.  

The Build

        Not unlike many of my work, I started this project with the desire to build a great Bach trumpet that would work                 exclusively for lead and commercial playing.  This stands to reason do to the fact that most of my performance work is in the commercial area.  I like lightweight trumpets and wanted to produce a free blowing lightweight instrument that would have a lot of zip to it.  So, I decided on a lightweight valve casing  and tubing with a standard weight 43 bell section. I also performed a reverse leadpipe conversion on the Blackburn pipe so as to achieve a bit more of an open feel, especially in the upper register. The final product was nothing short of great.  This was a great 43 that slotted extremely well and had that classic 43 sound to it.  This is another example of the greatness of Bach, I was able to create a truly fine instrument with parts that fit really well together and that takes to custom improvements and combinations.  A fun project, a great trumpet!