Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet, Model 37, #207430

Back Story

        This trumpet was in very sad shape when it was put in my care.  The silver was corroded through down to raw                         brass at every single contact point.  This was a family owned instrument that was played by several members over the past 20yrs and had seen better days.  The mother of the family had initially taken it to music store local to her and was shocked to find out that it would cost at least $1500 and would take months to have the restoration done.  She then called Brass Alliance, and I was able to complete the work in 3 weeks at just a little over half the cost of that original local music store. 
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Work Performed

         When I recieve an instrument that is this bad I usually just skip the play testing and get right down to business.                  After cleaning the the instrument inside and out, I noticed that the leadpipe was corroded to the point that it had several cracks and need to be replaced.  Other than the leadpipe, there were no other parts that needed to be replaced.After the initial cleaning, I then completely dissassembled the instrument and began to inspect and work on every individual part, smoothing and detailing the body and braces.  Once the body, bell section and braces were done, it was time for reassembly.  After it was fully assembled, I gave it a full chemical flush and prepped it for plating.  It was then re-plated with a bright silver finish, throughally play tested by yours truly and buffed for the final time before returning it back to the customer.