Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet, Model 37 Sterling Plus, #417290

Back Story

       I purchased this trumpet from a gentleman in Hawaii who was advertizing it at a very affordable price considering it            did have a Bach Sterling Silver Plus 37 bell section on it.  This was just another example of a trumpet that had been through a lot and had sustained trauma along the way.  I really never pass up oportunity to take a vintage Bach Stradivarius and put it back into service.  Trumpets like this deserve to live out thier lives in the hands of players that really enjoy playing.  There was no need to do anything to this instrument other than a straight ahead restoration.
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Work Performed

        The first step in this project was to strip the lacquer off of the instrument and then continue on to completely                       disassemble it down to parts and hardware.  I then thoroughly cleaned, straightened, and smoothed out every part and brace and prepped it for reassembly.  After the reassembly process was complete the intrument was cleaned again, play tested for several hours and prepped for plating.  I actually had the distinct pleasure of watching this trumpet get a new plate in person.  What a cool experience, it turned out great!  I enjoy all of the projects I take on, and this one did not disappoint as well.  Another fabulous trumpet is back into the world of music!