Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet, Model 72*, #73589

Back Story

         Throughout the process of building this business I have always wanted to get creative while not losing the integrity of          the instrument that I am attempting to turn out.  Like so many performers around the world, I am a huge fan of the Bach Stradivarius trumpet, and I have a great respect for how they are designed and the absolutely beautiful sounds that the vast majority of them produce.  So, I always try to stay true to the integrety of the instrument when building trumpets. This particular model was comprised of all Bach main sections with the addition of new slide rings.  The main parts include a standard weight Bach Stradivarius valve casing from 1972, a Bach 43 leadpipe, and a Bach 72* bell section from 1984. Cool project for sure...... 

The Build

        I started this project with the desire to build a great Bach trumpet that would work exclusively for lead and                         commercial playing.  I do like the lightweight trumpets a lot, but wanted to have something that had a bit more teeth to it while at the same time retaining the consistency in all registers that a Bach trumpet provides.  So, I put several combinations together and finally decided on a standard weight valve casing  and tubing with a lightweight 72 bell section. I also performed a reverse leadpipe conversion so as to achieve a bit more of an open feal, especially in the upper register. The final result was a true success.  Not only did the horn produce a thick, brilliant timbre in all registers, but it was a real beautiful instrument to look at as well.  I really had a great time with this project!