Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet, Model 72 MLV, #123720

Back Story

        I purchased this instrument along with a Bach Stradivarius C Trumpet in the same condition....poor.  The instruments         were from Florida and were not kept in a climate controlled environment.  The former owner had very acidic skin and the silver finish on both  instruments was completely eaten through on every contact point.  The owner had tried to stop this process by coating the with nail polish.  This is a problem that many players have, and to try and stop this destructive process they turn to nail polish to protect the finish.  What usually happens is that moisture does eventually get trapped underneath the nail polish, continuing and even excellerating the corrosion of the brass underneath.  The pictures below are a great example of this scenario.  
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The Restoration

        This project started with a mistake that scared the life out of me.  I started the disassembly and put a torch to a brace         and the instrument litterally burst into flames!  Yes, nail polish is very flamable.....  After I put the fire out and regrouped, I then made sure to take every last spec of nail polish off of the instrument and continued on to completely disassemble it down to parts and hardware.  I thoroughly cleaned and straightened every part and brace and prepped it for reassembly.  After the reassembly process was complete the intrument was cleaned again, play tested for several hours and prepped for plating.  It came back to me looking and playing incredibly well, this trumpet is actually quite rare and had fantastic projection and timbre in all registers.  What a fun and unique project that turned out increcibly well, puting yet another great classic back into the marketplace for another player to enjoy for years to come!