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The Brass Alliance Way

       I put passion into every project that I take on.  Attention to detail and a high level of                              craftsmanship are always of the utmost importance.  I absolutely love restoration work, bringing an instrument from a crumpled mess to a finished product that will be re-introduced back into the marketplace and into the hands of people that absolutely love playing the trumpet!  There is also nothing more gratifying than witnessing a customer's reaction when an instrument that once was a neglected mess dwelling in their closet is now revealed to them as a resurrected beauty, bringing back all of those memories of when they brought the instrument home for the very first time.  Or, revealing Mom or Dad's restored instrument to their children so that they can experience music and the many times of pure joy that it provides.  Yes, I do run a business, but I will never lose sight of exactly why I do what I do, it is a very personal thing for me and it is what drives me to deliver my very best everyday on every project.     

​-David Anderson, Owner/Operator