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This specialty service offers clients two great options when selling an instrument.


I will purchase the horn outright from the client for fair market value.  The fair market value is an apraisal based on the make, model, age and condition of the instrument.   This can be done by contacting me and sending high resolution photos to start the appraisal process.  If I want to purchase the instrument, I will give the client an offer to accept or decline.  If the client accepts the offer, payment is made and the client ships the instrument.  If the client declines the offer, there is another option…….consignment!


Consignment is simply a great way to sell an instrument!  I sell the instrument for the client using both this eCommerce optimized website and the Brass Alliance eBay Store.  I have the eyes of a Worldwide marketplace on all of the instruments I have for sale.  It is a straight forward process that requires only one up front cost to the client, the cost of shipping to me.  Brass Alliance charges a commission of 20% of the net sale on all consignments sold on this website and in my eBay Store.  After receiving the instrument, it is chemically cleaned, all minor repairs performed if needed, then polished in the Brass Alliance Workshop.  The instrument is then taken into the studio for high resolution photos and finally, posted in both Brass Alliance Stores for maximum Worldwide exposure.  After the sale the client receives payment for the instrument along with a detailed receipt for the sale.


Repair & Restoration

Whether it is scheduled maintainance, full restoration or an emergency repair the day before an important gig, Brass Alliance Workshop will go above and beyond expectations with the very best customer service!

Resale & Consignment

Do you have too many trumpets and need to thin out your collection? We will buy it from you, or work with you to get the most out of the value of the instrument. Simply the very best way to sell your instrument!

Private Lesson Teacher Special

All lesson teachers will receive a free chem-clean service with 3 student service referrals. Please have your students contact me today to set up a maintenance appointment. Pick up and delivery are included in the price for all services. David Anderson 972-898-4575.

Call David Today!!

Give me a call about an instrument, a repair or to schedule a service request! David Anderson 972-898-4575.

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