Schilke Bb Trumpet, Model  X3L, #4964​

Back Story

         I purchased this trumpet from Dan Truitt, a dear friend and colleague of mine, and the head of instrument repair at              Sacramento State University, former technician at Schilke, and apprentice under Wayne Tanabe at the Brass Bow in Chicago.  I performed with Dan as a youth in the Phantom Regiment Drum & Buble Corps in the early 1990's, so we go way back, old school all the way!  Dan stated to me that he had a trumpet he was working on and simply had to time to complete it.  He then let me know that it was a vintage Schilke X3L from the 1960's.......sold!  He sent me most of the parts and hardware,  and I after having it sit behind other work I was doing for 5 months, I got to work!  
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The Build

         I began by assessing what parts were missing and what would be needed to complete the assembly.  The rail            system assembly was not fully there and some fabrication would be needed to ensure that this instrument was a Schilke and not some frankenhorn with Schilke main parts and nothing else.  I then got to work straightening and cleaning every individual part, prepping them for assembly.  The tunable bell rail system was quite a problem in that the Schilke screw I was given had a different thread size than that of the rail inlet.  So, I had to fabricate both the rail and the screw, constructing it out of 5 total pieces.  That was quite a bit of intensive work but it totally paid off as it came out with great results.   After the assembly was complete, I play tested it for about 3 months on gigs that varied in style and approach.  What a fantastic instrument!  I was actually thinking of keeping it for myself, but after it came back from plating and putting a buff to it, I made the painful decision to sell it.  I am very proud of this project in that I took an instrument that was in pieces and returned it back into the marketplace for someone else to enjoy for years to come!