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Professional Brass Repair & Restoration
       Brass Alliance offers its customers the ultimate in craftsmanship and                  attention to detail with all repair and restoration services.  My shop is equipped with the best tooling available in the industry.  This enables me to give your trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn the world-class service that it deserves and you expect.

All surface restoration, repairs, plating prep work, re-assembly, buffing and finishing are performed on site at the Brass Alliance shop. The only outsourced work is the actual plating and lacquering.
Attention to detail and the very best customer service is what separates Brass Alliance from the other shops and corporate entities.
The Standard - $75

​​Maintainance & Repair Services

The Standard service includes a thorough inspection & assessment, chemical clean & flush, valve felt replacement if needed, and all minor dent removal.
Make It Shine - $125
Make It Shine is a service for silver, gold or raw brass finished instruments that includes everything the Standard service includes, along with a hand polish and buff, producing a fantastic mirror finish.
The Overhaul - $300
The Overhaul service is for instruments that are not only in need of cleaning, but also need moderate repairs such as dent removal, detatched bracing, moderate bell trauma, and smoothing contact points.  The service includes everything in the Make It Shine service plus a flat fee to cover all repairs.  A great deal for sure!
Shop Rate Repairs
For instruments in need of moderate to extensive repair only, the shop rate is $50 per hour with a one hour minimum. Instruments in need of minor repair only will be handled on a case by case basis.  All repair rates and services do not include new replacement parts, but there is no markup on parts in this shop.  
Pick-up & Delivery
One of many things that I do that other repair shops are not willing to do!  Within a 25 mile radius of Denton, TX, I will pick-up your instrument, do the work, then deliver the instrument to your door free of any extra charge.   
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The Restoration services on this page are priced based on a collective history of projects over the past 5 years and are meant to be ballpark figures.  Knowing that not every instrument set to be re-finished needs to be brought back from the dead, prices are put out as bids and negotiated on a case by case basis.  With regard to shipping, it is the customer's responsibility to pay for shipping to Brass Alliance.  There is never a charge for return shipping back to the customer after the work has been completed.  

Restoration Services

The Rebuild - $800

The Rebuild is specifically intended for instruments that have sustained so much trauma and/or neglect that they are not in playable condition.  This service is a detailed process of disassembling the instrument, thouroughly cleaning, inspecting and truing every individual part, reassembling the instrument, then a final detailing followed by a chemical cleaning and buff. This service is one step short of a Full Restoration service in that it does not include re-finishing. 
These are examples of a Rebuild (Top) and a Full Restoration (Bottom).  Click on the photos to see more before & after pictures along with back stories and work performed.

Full Restoration - Silver $1200, Lacquer $1200, Gold $1900

Full Restoration brings the instrument back to as close to its original condition as possible.  The instrument is put through the process of a Rebuild and is brought along one step further, giving it a completely new finish.  Customers have the choice of three finishes: Silver Plate, Gold Plate, Clear Lacquer or Gold Lacquer.  Custom finishes are available upon request.
​Restoration Shop Rates
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Resale & Consignment Services


This is a service has Brass Alliance purchase your instrument outright.  This is a great choice for the customer that has a professional model instrument that is in poor to fair condition that has been just wasting away in their closet for the past 20 years.  I will make a fair market value offer for your instrument based on its make, model, age and condition.  The offer price is negotiable, but if an agreement is not reached do not worry because there is another option......consignment! 


Brass Alliance has sold over 200 instruments in the past 5 years with over 130 of those instruments being consigned.  In addition to this SEO optimized ecommerce website, Brass Alliance also has an eBay store that has a broad national and international reach.  The only out-of-pocket expense is shipping down here to Denton, TX.  Once the instrument is received, it is cleaned, minor repairs performed if needed, photographed in high resolution, and then posted on both websites for ultimate exposure.  The consignment customer has the choice of exactly how their instrument will be sold. Whether it is posted at a fixed price or put up for auction with a reserve, Brass Alliance will always cater to the needs of the customer.  After the sale, the consignment customer will receive a check for the amount of the sale minus all transaction fees and a 20% commission for Brass Alliance.  This is a very popular service because I maximize the sale while making is hassle-free for the customer.
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